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Hillbilly Impact Shorts C-YA

Šifra artikla: hbis
cena: 72,00 €
  CYA - Professional Impact Shorts are specially designed to offer the ultimate in protection while providing maximum comfort.
These mesh shorts are breathable, lightweight and are worn under your regular riding clothes. The pads themselves are made of a tough EVA foam to absorb the maximum amount of impact. The extra-stiff tailbone section is specially designed to protect your tailbone from whatever Mother Nature (or Father City) can throw at you. These durable shorts arguably provide the best protection of any hip and tailbone pads on the market and are a must for snowboarding, mountainboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, bmx or just about any other extreme sport!
All reinforcements have appropriate perforations, so during intense exercise shorts moves perfectly with the body. You have the impression that it protects you the future of space technology, not a medieval armor. The positive impression is compounded by the characteristics of professional fabric, from which are made shorts - ensure adequate ventilation, regardless of external environmental conditions. While shorts are male-female, then have a fly that will surely appreciate the male members.
Shorts are universal in the broadest sense. No matter whether you are a woman or a man - cut shorts to adjust to your body shape. It does not matter whether you practice a winter sport or summer - breathable fabric will adapt to all conditions, providing you  maximum thermal comfort.
As is clear from our experience gained in direct talks with our customers and our knowledge of the market, cheaper products provide a significantly lower level of protection, and those that protect the same range are much more expensive. You can find that out by reading feedback from our existing customers.
The product is recommended for amateur and professional sports.
In particular, suitable for such disciplines as:
- Summer: bike, motorcycle, roller skates, mountainboard, landkite, field hockey, etc.
- Winter sports: snowboarding, skiing, snowkite, skates, hockey, etc.
The sizing is very flexible due to the stretchability, the use of the drawstring and personal preference(loose or snug)